Trouble with alogin

David Williamson davidw at
Thu Feb 14 01:18:36 UTC 2002

On Wed, Feb 13, 2002 at 05:05:15PM -0800, john heasley wrote:
> try the attached patch
> cd rancid-2.2/bin
> patch < file
> if it fixes the problem expect bomb-out, then i;m slightly confused as to
> how it manages to login but ends up here.

It no longer gives the error, but it doesn't stay logged in:

      revert  - Revert pending or applied changes [global command]
      exit    - Exit  [global command, always available]

>> Main# bash-2.02$

That doesn't seem good, since you can't go on to execute commands.
By the way, the switch is running WebOS 9.0.38-SSH.  Don't know if that
will matter.  Oh, and I'm not using ssh to get to it...just telnet.
My .cloginrc is pretty just has 'add password <alteon>
<password>'.  Nothing exciting there.


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