rancid & Procurve 2524

Juan José Muñoz Martinez jmartine at alhsys.com
Wed Apr 10 13:40:33 UTC 2002

Hello, sorry for the delay.

the teo commands are typed in CLI mode through telnet or console, but you
can set the password for operator and administrator through menu options
through (first typing 'menu' command).

the configuration loks like a cisco device, if you are in menu mode you must
go to CLI mode, if you enter with telnet and the prompt is '>' you must type
enable and enter password if defined to get privileged prompt '#'.
Then to start configuration you must enter comand 'config terminal', now you
get the configuration prompt (config)# and can enter configuration commands.

 password operator<CR>
Here is the sequence of commands and inputs:

HP ProCurve Switch 2524> en
HP ProCurve Switch 2524# alhambra.
Invalid input: alhambra.
HP ProCurve Switch 2524# pass
Invalid input: pass
HP ProCurve Switch 2524# conf term
HP ProCurve Switch 2524(config)# password operator
New password: ********
Please retype new password: *********
Retyped password differs from initially typed password.
HP ProCurve Switch 2524(config)# password manager
New password: *********
Please retype new password: *********
HP ProCurve Switch 2524(config)# exit
HP ProCurve Switch 2524# write mem
HP ProCurve Switch 2524# exit
HP ProCurve Switch 2524> exit
Do you want to log out (Y/N)?Y

For polling of the switch with rancid add the followin lines to .cloginrc
and router.db:

add password login-pass enable-pass


I expect to learn more about procurve switches command line, I provide you
more information as I get it.

Best Regards.

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> > 
> > I've configured login password with "password operator" 
> command and enable
> > password with "password manager", and then with the line 
> "add password
> are those part of the configuration?  what is their 
> significance (so, i
> may make a note in the FAQ/manpage)?

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