rancid & Procurve 2524

Juan José Muñoz Martinez jmartine at alhsys.com
Fri Apr 5 06:25:56 UTC 2002

Hello to all,

I'm working the marvellous rancid tool since two weeks ago.
I have registered all the cisco routers, but know I have problems to collect
the cinfiguration of HP Procurve 2524 switches.
I use the following definitions in routers.db and .cloginrc:


add autoenable 1
add password telnetpasswd enablepasswd

The switch is autoeabled, i.e. when I telnet by hand and press 'intro' I
have the '#' prompt, and I can run commands as 'show config'.  But rancid
tells that can't contact the device.
If I debug the connection following the FAQ guidelines I see that rancid
makes me to specify the line with the password although it don't use them.
the execution of .hlogi or .clogin shows me the connection to the switch
like telnet, but it blocks, perhaps rancid is waiting for some characters
from switch, and the switch is waiting for characters from rancid.

Hos anybody practical experience with HP Procurve switches like 2524?

Best Regards.

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