alteon support

Andrew Fort afort at
Tue Jun 26 00:51:14 UTC 2001

>> okay, alogin is getting an unpriveliged login, so it is stalling.  it
>> expects to see >> Main# -- this is probably a bug, it should ideally
>> finish, but just fail for the /cfg/dump bit (an unpriv'd 
>user can still
>> /info/sys, kinda like you cant "write term" on a cisco when 
>you're not
>> enabled).  If John reckons this is not the correct 
>behaviour, I'll fix it
>> :), but I cant dedicate much time over the next day or so..
>you'll have to explain the login scenario.  is there a way to "enable"
>once you've logged in with a password other than adminpassword?  either
>way, it should be as "fault" tolerant as possible.

cool -- I'll fix the prompt character dependancy (to make it like > as well
as #), it'll be a few days though.  

Ho's issue was resolved by using the snigle password only in .cloginrc.


add password ad3-core {priv-user-password}

instead of

add password ad3-core {unpriv-user-password} {priv-user-password}

(the second password is ignored by alogin).

For the record, at least as far as I know, there's no way to enable once
logged in.  The password (only) determines your userlevel.  This muddies the
issue when you deal with using TACACS+ or RADIUS for user authentication.
SSH without AAA allows you to use any username, the password only being the
key for authentication.  Yet another reason for standardisation across
vendors, eh :)


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