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Cleve Mickles micklesc at
Thu Mar 21 23:01:47 UTC 2002

Hi Cathy,

I noticed in your slide 8 that you picked up a
"short lived" IPv6 prefix and announcement we
received from ARIN.  We initially received
2001:4B00::/35 and a couple months later ARIN
made a correction to the allocation which
placed us within the ARIN allocated IPv6
range(ie 2001:04B0::/35).

Did anyone point this out during the
discussion?  There were a few folks aware
of why the prefx showed up in the routing
tables.  If not, I'll take my 50 lashes.



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> Mark asked me to post these to the list.  I'll be presenting Gert's slides
> (URL below)
> has now everything
>  as one-GIF-per-Slide format, with mini-HTML around to click
> previous/next.
> See you there!
> ---CJ

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