a crude method of limiting long-prefix propagation

Yakov Rekhter yakov at juniper.net
Fri Mar 23 18:01:45 UTC 2001


> On Thu, Mar 22, 2001 at 11:37:44PM -0700, mccreary at pch.net wrote:
> > With a small change in semantics, it seems like this scheme is sufficient t
> > support restricted announcement of any route to an explicit set of ASes.  J
> > change the meaning of EPPC_ALOW:ASN a little so it indicates `advertiseable
> > to', so that a participating AS will only advertise this route to a peer if
> > the proper community attribute appears in the route.
> Yup. I already piped the -00 draft through asp and derived something
> very similar. The following draft does not contain the one-AS-hop
> limitation, and includes sample config for IOS and JUNOS.
> http://www.automagic.org/~jabley/draft-jabley-edge-policy-propagation-control
> As suggested by Curtis, Ben is plugging the basic idea encompassed in
> this mechanism into a new bgp attribute, as an alternative approach to
> using community strings.

When considering a new BGP attribute, I wonder whether we could
"re-cycle" the DIST_LIST_INCLUDE attribute of IDRP.


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