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Randy Bush randy at
Fri Mar 16 00:36:42 UTC 2001

>>> if i produce 0/23 out of 0/24 and 1/24, i have to retain both of those
>>> /24's so if either is withdrawn i know the aggregate is crap and i have
>>> to tell my neighbor.
>> not necessarily.  i am your receiving neighbor, and i may not be willing
>> to pay the cost so i can reach some of your base when your network is
>> farbled.  why should the cost of your unreliability be passed on to me?
> b/c you have a business obligation to your customers.  if a prefix is
> reachable w/o aggregation, it should continue to be reachable in the case
> that aggregation is no longer valid.  what happens if route that was once
> contributor to an aggregate changes legitimately?  do i now have to
> clear sessions in order to regain the lost information, or do i have to
> rely upon my neighbor supporting 'remote soft-clear' feature of ORF?

let is not dwell on the tricks, shortcomings, and kink of current vendors'
products.  and let's not drill into where current protocols might not
support exactly what we want.

the purpose here is to discover and discuss what is it we need to get
through the next years of bgp+ reliance until we can get a scalable egp.


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