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Vijay Gill vijay at
Wed Mar 14 23:08:12 UTC 2001

On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, abha ahuja wrote:

> i agree that the smaller guys with the least resources would want to
> reduce their load the most, they are the least likely to be able to do
> something like this.  almost all of these aggregation techniques are only
> useful for sender-side.  So, in general, it will reduce the amount of

Let them eat cake!

> garbage sent between peers.  rx-side aggregation is possible, but not in
> nearly as many situations from what i can tell... please feel free to
> discuss because maybe i am missing something.

Most RX side bgp (from helping out a small regional) was done to reduce
their cost to their primary transit provider (turning on peering with
networks behind say, 701, would allow them to shortcut 701)  and to
provide a bgp feed to a few customers. Things like filtering everthing
except _701_ and _1239_ and _1_ on various links were used to achieve a
measure of traffic engineering on their links (outbound). They really
could have gotten away with using a default out.


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